Prime Ministers, Republic of T&T

The Prime Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago, from the establishment of the office of Chief Minister in 1950 to the present day. Read more on all these prime minister…….CLICK HERE​

Trinidad & Tobago Cuisine


The Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is indicative of the blends of Amerindian, European, African, Indian, Chinese, Creole, and Lebanese gastronomic influences, and is also more similar to the cuisine of Guyana than most other countries in the Caribbean. Crab and callaloo is generally considered a national dish of Trinidad and Tobago; it is often prepared for Sunday lunch. Pelau, a rice-based dish, is also a standard dish in Trinidad and Tobago. Another popular dish is roti – this is of East Indian origin and consists of curried potatoes, channa (chickpeas) and meat wrapped in dalphurie (similar to pita bread). Other local dishes include coo coo, sancoche, macaroni pie and oil down. Here s 10 Best Dishes from Trinidad…..CLICK HERE​

Just to name a few of Trinidadians and Tobagonians who have won titles on the world stage like; Machel Montano (international soca artist, Peter Minshall (mas designer), Linda McCartha Sandy-Lewis (aka Calypso Rose, win the national Road March title in 1977), Ato Boldon (four-time Olympic medallist), Jean Pierre (World Netball Championships)…..Click Here to read more of them.