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The TRINBAGO Association of Central Florida

To see more photos of previous Kiddies Carnival and events click here....

If you would like to participate with TTAC Orlando Kiddies Carnival 2017 or be a sponsor, please see forms and registration forms below.

Band Registration Form 2017

Together we aspire, together we achieve!

Our hope is that, if nothing else, you will join us for a fabulous day where you can experience the culture of the steel pan of Orlando Power Stars, Caribbean Cuisine, live entertainment and sounds of the street parade of our young masqueraders and so much more right here in Orlando. ​ 

​TTAC President, John Joseph thanks you in advance for your generosity and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions and concerns (407-234-5047). Please contact Mea Allman (407-486-5001) or Donna Morton-Morgan (407-810-6520) for all sponsorship contributions/donations and any additional information regarding TTAC Orlando Kiddies Carnival 2017.

We made history in May 2015, as the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago (NCC) participated and made special appearance on the road for  in Orlando Carnival and made Sailor/Indian costumes for the children.

The TrinBago Association of Central Florida

1426 Simpson Road, Suite 27, Kissimmee, FL 34744   *   Contact: ​​(407) 360-3618 

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The Trinbago Association of Central Florida Inc. (TTAC), as they’re known, is a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)3 status. The organization is actively seeking sponsors to help us revive the essence of our vanishing culture and traditions, and bring togetherness with our children and the Orlando Florida communities by introducing and celebrating of “KIDDIES CARNIVAL” on May 7th, 2017 at Orlando’s “FESTIVAL PARK”.

Mardi Gras known to the West Indian community as “Carnival” is an outdoor festival of traditional parading of Masquerading bands in costumes, storytellers, food, music, dancing, performers, etc., celebrated in many parts of the world; Brazil, London, Canada, NYC, New Orleans, Trinidad & Tobago; to mention a few. Our focus for Kiddies Carnival is the children and to teach them our cultural heritage in hopes that they will learn and continue to pass on our traditions and, bring our Central Florida communities together.  

TTAC President Mr. John Joseph, host of Caribbean Radio “Island Beat 1220 AM” have lived in Orlando for over 19 years and he’s always trying to make a difference in keeping our heritage alive and teaching our children about the richness of our culture. Carnival is known to be The Greatest Show on Earth. We are respectfully asking for your Financial Support by becoming a sponsor.

TTAC is ready with immediate exposure opportunities that will meet your needs, on the radio and print ads. Promotional items and all Giveaways will be provided by you to assist us in promoting your company. Your contribution is tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law.

​​​​Kiddies Carnival here in Orlando is one of the most significant events where many mas bands come together as the various Caribbean Islands represents their culture for numerous "Band Launch."​ Numerous cultural events such as "band launch fetes" running in the lead up to the street parade on Carnival Sunday. 

Vendors Application Forms

Orlando Kiddies Carnival presented by TTAC