The First Executive Committee: Dr. Rupert Garvin (President), Doyle Hicks (Vice President), Jennifer Samarro (Secretary), Edith Smith (Assistant Secretary), Kathleen Ali (Treasurer), Martin Mahabir (Assistant Treasurer) and Francis Chevalier (Historian) saw to establishing the first of many annual events).

Some of our annual functions that were held in the beginning and still continue are: The Annual Toy and Clothing Drive, Scholarship Awards, Family Day Picnic, Co-sponsorship of the Caribbean Fusion, held in Kissimmee, Memorial Day weekend wine down, Trinidad and Tobago Independence Dance. We salute the founding members for their vision, dedication and commitment to their cause. The current membership will continue to uphold the mission of the organization and play an active and important role in the cultural, educational and civic development of Central Florida as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

The TrinBago Association of Central Florida (TTAC) is a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization in the State of Florida, representing the nationals of Trinidad and Tobago residing in the Central Florida area.  

​To promote and enhance the culture of Trinidad and Tobago by engaging in programs and activities such as promoting Carnival replica and Steel band orchestra, wellness throughout the communities in Central Florida, by conducting Health Fairs on an annual basis. To assist high school students in Central Florida through our scholarship award program four (4) scholarships given annually at the scholarship award event). To foster a relationship with the under privileged by adopting homes such as the battered women shelter (donating clothing, books, personal and household items). We will donate to charitable organizations annually such as: Kidney Foundation, American Red Cross, Churches, and Cultural Youth Groups both in Central Florida and in Trinidad and Tobago. 

 John Joseph, President Message

The TRINBAGO Association of Central Florida

TTAC Executive Board Members

Formally known as The Trinidad and Tobago Association, was born from the vision of one of our initial founding members, Mrs. Yolande Halls. Mrs. Hall, a Trinidadian by birth, wanted to form an organization to assist her fellow countrymen in Trinidad and Tobago and in Central Florida. After reaching out to several like-minded associates, TTAC was formed by its founding members: Yolande Halls, Edith Smith, Alexzandrine Hicks, Rosita (Judy) John-Hamid, Kathleen Ali, Victor Smith, Doyle Hicks and Francis Chevalier.
In the summer of 2001, the first meeting attended by interested residents of Central Florida, was held at the Orlando residence of Mrs. Yolande Halls and her husband Mr. Kelvin Halls. The dedicated members subsequently meet at Orlando Realty to lay the ground foundation of this Organization. The association quickly grew from a hand full of like-minded individuals and by November 4, 2002 the first By-Laws were completed and ratified and the association was incorporated.

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A Caribbean Organization in Central Florida

John Joseph (President)
Milton Smith (Vice President)
Lisa King-Corbin (Treasurer)
Anthony Porter (Assistant Treasurer)
Hyacinth Brown (Secretary)
Beverly Lisimba (Assistant Secretary)
June Monroe (Trustee)
Hazeline Forbes (Trustee)
Wayne D’Abreau (Trustee)
Marilyn Greaves (Public Relations Officer)
Sharon Saunders (Public Relations Officer)

Francis Chevalier (Historian)

Diana Charles (Parliamentarian)

Ms Emerald Collins (Chaplain)

Christine Martinez (Ex-Officio)​\